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My Story

Thanks for taking time to stop by my website. My name is Sarah Tompkins and I was first diagnosed with Cervical Cancer on 4/24/08. I had a partial hysterectomy a month later which led me directly into remission. No additional treatment was necessary, just check ups every 3 months. On 2/28/11 I discovered a mass in my lower abdomen. I was told I had enlarged ovaries and they would need to be surgically removed. During surgery on 3/10/11 they found cancer. Labwork later revealed that I am now fighting Metastatic Endocervical Adenocarcinoma. In other words my cervical cancer has spread to my ovaries and other nearby tissues.

I went through an 8 week treatment plan on from April to June 2011. The treatment plan consisted of external radiation Monday through Friday in addition to chemotherapy on Mondays. This was an aggressive treatment for an aggresive cancer.  Unfortunately it was not enough.  My cancer is doing everything it is not supposed to do!  After a variety of tests, poking, and prodding it was determined on 10/9/12 that my cancer has come back for a third time.  As I write this I'm not entirely sure what this means for me but check My Updates section for the latest.

My intention is to use this website as an easy way for friends and family (or anyone out there facing this disease on their own) to see updates on my progress, schedules, photos, and learn more about cancer. You can join the site and become a member which will allow you to leave comments, participate on the "Let's Chat" page, and Leave a Smile of your own. It's almost like my own personal social networking site. :) This will replace the email updates I've been sending and you can check in as you'd like.  I invite you to look around and don't forget to "Leave a Smile".

Thank you for your caring thoughts and support.
Sending hugs and smiles,

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